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Auto insurance is required when you own and operate a vehicle. The law says you need it and you'll be glad you have it if you end up in an accident. Avelar & Asociados, LLC can help you find the coverage that fits your life perfectly.

If you need basic insurance to keep your car legal, we offer liability coverage. If you want complete car insurance, we can provide comprehensive and collision plans. We're your source for vehicle insurance of all types.

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We provide individual and business auto insurance

We provide individual and business auto insurance

Whether you drive a commercial vehicle or just travel to and from the office in your personal car, you need auto insurance. There are two major categories of insurance plans:

  1. Individual auto insurance - Coverage for individuals, families and the general public.
  2. Business auto insurance - Coverage for companies, usually when a business owns a company car or fleet of vehicles.

If you need auto insurance for your daily driving or for your company's fleet of vehicles, turn to Avelar & Asociados. We provide competitive rates and quality coverage to keep you safe and legal on the road. Reach out today to talk about your needs.